“mommy, that beer is made out of deer, right?”

My kid has been noticing logos a lot lately. He has proudly pointed out that the garbage truck with the maple leaf logo is a “Canadian garbage truck.”
It’s actually quite scary how many things a 4 year old can figure out with only a few clues. Soon, the world of bullshit answers will be behind us, cause he’ll be able to figure out for himself when we’re full of it.
In the meantime, I’ll gladly tell him that cats need to be 300 years old in order to die of age… (in response to grandma answering Jacob’s question “why did your cat die” with “she died because she was very old.) I’m not ready for him to be aware of realistic lifespans. Don’t judge, he’s an anxious kid and to avoid a string of a million questions ending in “when are you going to die grandma?” sometimes you just have to give him the answer that helps him sleep at night.


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