iPhoneography 2: Pixlromatic

I only discovered Pixlromatic this week, and I already love it. This app pretty much speaks for itself. It’s user-friendly and has lots of fun options. The free app includes plenty of options to have some fun. The “plus” option is only $1.99 more. I haven’t quite figured out what “extras” I got from upgrading to the plus yet… So stick to the free one until you know if you like it.

Here’s a demo of what you can do with your photo in Pixlromatic:

I took a super cute photo of a super cute baby for this demonstration.

Don’t worry, that’s not road rash.  Baby X had just finished eating blueberries for lunch.

This edit was super easy.

Step 1: Choose your “film”. I simply choose a film style called “Hagrid.”

Step 2: choose an effect. I didn’t use one here, but this option allows you to add some really funky stuff like flares, bokah, vignettes and all sorts of neat “light” tricks. Didn’t suit the style I was going for here, but have found it fun to use on all sorts of other photos.

Step 3: pick your frame. This option not only puts a border around your photo, but some of the frames include an overlay effect. The one used in this photo was called “dirt.”  It helped exaggerate the whole theme of the photo.

Step 4: save.

Yep, it was that easy. Can you see how this becomes addictive?

The following series of photos also uses Pixlromatic, but combines with Instagram and Bokehful.

 The first photo is unedited, this is the starting point.

The second photo is edited with PicFrame  (see link for PicFrame how-to) & Pixlromatic.

I made the photo 1:1 ratio with PicFrame, then uploaded it to Pixlromatic. I used the “Antonio” film.

The third photo shows the frame “clean” by Pixlromatic added. Then the photo was edited in Instagram. I think I used the lo-fi setting.

Fourth photo: now this effect is really cool too. The app is called “Bokehful.” I discovered it after reading a blog called “iphoneography.com” Thought I would try it out, and I loved the effect.

Well, that’s it for now. Please feel free to ask my questions, or recommend new apps to me.

I have a lot more apps that I like to play around with. I will try to touch on the following apps in future posts: Hipstamatic, Photosynth, and Camerabag.

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  1. It’s a fun little app! Nice review.

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