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Lucky Boots?

About a month ago, we brought the kids to the store to pick out their costumes for Halloween. My son wanted to be a Pilot, and my daughter chose a Cowgirl outfit. She was very excited about her costume, and has danced around saying “yeehaw” and “giddy up” all month long.

Something very strange happened the weekend before Halloween. During our renovations (which you can read about here, if you’re interested) we knocked down a few walls. Literally 5 days before Halloween, we stumbled across this inside a wall:

At first, it was just plain old funny. Boots inside the wall, what an odd thing to find. But then we realized, hmmm, that’s strange, our girl is going to be a cowgirl this week, that’s awfully coincidental. But it really blew our minds when we realized that these boots were EXACTLY the RIGHT SIZE! Seriously, what are the odds?!?

A few people mentioned that perhaps they were haunted. I’ve chosen to believe that they will be her lucky boots.


We’re halfway through a renovation in our laundry room. It’s a fucking nightmare of a mess. My husband is doing an incredibly great job and I am being very patient.

I want my house back! It’ll be done before we know it. I’ve been tremendously helpful. I’ve done a few random renovation-related errands, but mostly my husband and our awesome friend B have done most of the work.

Okay, really, I haven’t been overly helpful, it’s not my area of expertise. I’ve done my best to stay out of the way, and keep the kids entertained. I am ever thankful to my husband and B for putting in hours of labour and for having the skills to pull off this project. 

In the end, it’ll be worth the wait. After 9 years of tripping over our shoes by the front door, we’ll have a hall closet at our entryway. We’ll have a stand up freezer, so I won’t have to go outside to the shed and duck under the bicycles hanging from the ceiling and dig around in the dark looking for something to eat for dinner. We’ll have cabinets. With doors. To hide all our junk. Not the shelves that were spilling with random laundry room/dumping ground objects. It will be beautiful.

In the meantime, the random junk from the shelves seems to be scattered all over the house. And construction materials. And drywall dust. But soon, oh, so soon, it will all have a nice new home. Except the drywall dust. It must go.

Read my next quick post about the random treasure we found in the wall we knocked down…

Haunted House

When we moved in 9 years ago, we were excited that it would be our first Halloween with our very own front door. As the night unfolded, we learned quickly that our neighbours were big into Halloween too. Their daughter’s birthday fell on that day, so it was a great excuse to make a big thing out of it. R would get the biggest pumpkin he could find, and hook up a microphone and amp. The tradition was “the talking pumpkin.” It always got all the kids in the neighbourhood excited!

My husband and R got into reminiscing about past Halloweens. When my husband was a kid, his dad used to make this big, long tunnel through the front yard to the front door. Little did I know, this conversation was going to map out the Halloween tradition that we’ve held ever since.

For the last 8 years, there has in fact been a haunted tunnel at our house. Some years it’s been really long, and snaked around corners. Other years, a little more modest. But nevertheless, it has happened every year. I have to say, it really makes for a fun night!

This year, amidst a huge downpour, and despite the renovations we’ve been working through all week, we kept the tradition alive.

I’m really proud of my husband, and his ability to map the whole thing out. He put a lot of work into this one-day-set-up-and-take-down haunted house. He puts the walls up, and anyone else who has time to spare jumps in and decorates it. (On which note I send out a huge thank you to my awesome neighbours!)

The tunnel is filled with smoke and black lights, and random halloween props. I have to say, the biggest disappointment of the whole thing is the fact that you can’t really get a good picture of the thing. The whole scary factor of it relies on the fact that it’s dark in there.

On the outside, we’ve got a graveyard, and a crypt and our pumpkins and such.

And of course, Halloween sound effects loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to hear. Whether your celebrate Halloween or not, you just can’t ignore it around here!

In the past, we’ve had some scary-costumed grown-ups “haunting” the tunnel. I dressed up scary this year, but after seeing the absolutely horrified reaction of my own young children, I opted out of the make-up… we kept it pretty PG this year. I can’t wait for the kids to be teenagers, so we can scare the heck out of them on purpose!

Oh yeah, and it wouldn’t be Halloween without a few carved pumpkins! Here’s a couple of them close-up…

Happy Halloween everyone!


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