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How I made a ninja turtle pumpkin

Last year I wrote about our Halloween haunted house and included a photo of my ninja turtle pumpkin (see it here.) It seems to be getting a fair amount of hits, so I thought I would do one again this year and take a few photos along the way.

I used a cheap pumpkin carving kit, which you can find pretty much anywhere. Here are the tools that come with it:


First I used the little orange thing that had a handle and a little round part that looks like a gear but with spikes on it. I used that to “draw” my pattern onto the pumpkin.


Next, I chose which parts I would be cutting all the way through and cut them out. This included the left side of the mouth and the bottom and left part of the eye mask.


Now the tougher part. I used the smaller “saws” and the plastic end of the long orange tool. I cut halfway through the pumpkin for the most part, and then peeled the skin off and etched the texture of teeth and such. Remember to leave the skin on for the “eye holes” in the middle of the mask.


And there you have it. I may paint on eyes, and was debating painting the rest green. You can get extra creative and use either orange, red, blue or purple glow sticks to light it.



Project 365: creation journal. Week 4.

Week 4 of my creativity project. The key is to create one thing each day, a project 365 of sorts. The vague criteria keeps my imagination open and my motivation going.

Day 1: carved a few pumpkins. The better one is the one I used a stencil for.


I also baked cookies with the kids to get in the spirit of Halloween. Recipe for sugar cookies by Wilton.


Day 2: another rendition of a painting I found on Pinterest. I love re-creating art that inspires me 🙂


Day 3: ninja turtle pumpkin. Full blog post on how I did it here.


Day 4: made a card. Only had a couple minutes.


Also made rock candy so me and a coworker can be Walt and Jesse for Halloween.


Day 6:
Took photos at my son’s school for Halloween.

Day 7:
Started designing labels for a Christmas craft I’ll be making with a friend.

Week 3 of right-brain project

Week 3 of my creation journal.
Keeping things versatile is keeping me strong. I like having such a broad range of creative activities I can count towards this project.

Day 1:
Spent the morning taking photos. Spent the afternoon editing them and a backlog of several more photo shoots as well that I was able to finish up.


Day 2: I admit, I missed a day. I’ll make it up before the week is up though 🙂

Day 3: drew something. It sucked. Guess I wasn’t feeling it.

Day 4: mini photo session


Day 5: fun with facepaint. Practicing a sugar skull for my friend who wants to dress up on Halloween. We did a run through just for kicks.


Day 6: editing photos

Day 7: saw an image on a YouTube video (proof: the photographers on photography) and decided to paint it.


Creation journal week 2

I’ve unofficially challenged myself to do one creative thing each day. The criteria is quite vague allowing the project to be versatile and encourage all forms of creativity. Last week was inundated with editing photos from a photography session last week. I did manage to sneak in a batch of cookies, paint a rock, draw and paint a card for my aunt, and take a few more photos for a friend of mine.

So here goes week 2!

Day 1:


Day 2:


Days 3 & 4: shared my joy of painting rocks with the kids:


Day 5:
Finally painted one myself:


Day 6: back to cards. For one of my favourite little girls!

Day 7: more editing:


Creation journal

Week one of my right-brain project. I’m trying to create at least one thing per day. The criteria is vague which helps me keep my motivation. All I must do is create something new. A photo, a sketch, a letter… Doesn’t matter what.

Day 1:

Day 2:


Days 3, 4 & 5:
Edit edit edit. Been spending my time in Lightroom. Craving that pen and ink, but it’s going to have to wait. I’ve got 900 photos to sort through, and probably about 60 to edit.


Day 6:


Day 7:


Daily dose of right-brain

I have to admit I get a fair amount of inspiration from Pinterest. I follow Amanda from Wit & Whistle for her sketches and typography. I recently stumbled upon the following quote:
Draw something every day, even if it sucks.


I find myself curled up on the couch at the end of each crazy day, and these words repeat in my head. I can no longer idly watch a show without a pen and sketchbook in hand.

Or perhaps a rock and a sharpie marker.

Or maybe I won’t even let myself sit down until I’ve set the lights up in my makeshift studio (aka the living room) and taken a few photos.

I’m craving it like mad lately! I don’t know if I’m trying to balance the left brain or if I’m just scratching an itch, but I feel like there’s so much creativity in there that is wanting to pour out. I feel like I haven’t had a complete day if I haven’t created something.

So I’ve challenged myself to exactly that. Create something every day. Even if it sucks.

Thanks Amanda for the inspiration.

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