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Week 11: creativity project 365

This is week 11 of my personal challenge to create one new thing every day.

Day 1: went a little more cartoony today with my owls.


Days 2 & 3: made magnets


Day 4: reindeer with the kids


Day 5: sugar cookies


Days 6 & 7:
I’m doing all the gift wrapping and that’s filling my creativity quota right now.
I think I’m going to give myself a few days off to enjoy Christmas without worrying about the project. We’ll see…

Week 10: project 365

Getting back into drawing and painting this week.

Day 1: peacock


Day 2: another peacock


Day 3: bird


Day 4: painted this guy


Day 5: Ila’s rocks


Day 6: I had a request for a purple, pink and sparkly puppy face.


Day 7: the love tree


Week 9: creativity project 365

Sorry to be boring this week, but addressing all my Christmas cards by hand is taking up most of my spare time. Days 1-3 have all been that. And helping my kids draw pictures for their relatives and friends for Christmas. I’m so proud of all the progress they’ve been making creatively throughout this venture.

Days 4-6:
I’ve spent the last few days picking out Christmas gifts, planning a mini-vacation, addressing more Christmas cards and wrapping gifts. I’ve also orchestrated some fun with our family’s advent house. We have a little wooden house with doors, and behind each one we can put our own treats. I made a bunch of little notes that direct the kids on scavenger hunts to find little toys or “adventure” tickets. I’m keeping busy and running low on time this holiday season!

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