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2014: week 2 of project 365

I waited for the end of the week to post for my project.

The first half of the week I spent doing arts and crafts with the kids, and drawing variations of recent drawings.

I saw a cool valentine card on that I decided to draw. It’s a mason jar full of eyeballs that says “I only have eyes for you.” Cute, right?

Also, I made another robot for my son’s room.

The second half of the week we spent designing, constructing, painting and decorating a project that we thought would be awesome for our daughters room. It’s a shelf with cubby holes for all her tiny treasures.

The link to the project is here, on a website called Young House Love. I found the link to the project on Pinterest (of course!)


A new year, a new start: project 365

It’s a new year, so I thought I would give my project 365 an official new start day.

The game is the same: make something new each day. Create something that did not previously exist. Art, baking, photography, crafts… anything goes.

So here we go!

Day 1: a custom order


I also played with a drawing my daughter did. Here is the before and after:


Day 2:


Days 3 & 4: getting ready for some birthdays this weekend.



Day 5: printed off some forms to make lists with, in an attempt to be more organized. Need to get back into writing lists, I can’t function in the chaos otherwise!


Days 6 & 7 were crazy, trying to get back into routine, with kids back to school. My “play” time was spent grocery shopping without the kids on day 6, and packing up the Christmas decorations on day 7.

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