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Project 365: creation journal week 8

This is week 8 of my personal challenge to create something new each day. The criteria is vague allowing me the freedom to choose from a huge variety of “create-able” things. Past weeks have included photography, baking, painting, drawing and random crafts.

I’ve discovered that re-creating existing pieces of art in either similar replicates, or by making them my own has given me a huge burst of inspiration. I’m learning the skills I need to be able to put my own ideas into action.

Today I’ve been working on peacocks. This one is similar to the one I did yesterday, but with more texture added to the face and wings. I used the same series of postcards from etsy as my guide.


Week 8: aye aye aye, I’ve forgotten to post all week! It’s been busy, but I haven’t been slacking off on the project. I’ve spent time every night addressing my Christmas cards. On Monday we put up the Christmas lights. We spent Friday night decorating our tree and setting up all our Christmas decorations.


Project 365 week 5: creation journal

Into week 5, a little delayed in posting but keeping busy and creative.

Day 1:
Painted a bird I saw on Pinterest. I was browsing through “making Monday’s” blog and clicked the link to her Pinterest wall. I was inspired by her folder “to make.” (making Mondays website here)


Day 2:
I snuck off to a hotel with some girlfriends and we had a kid-free girl’s night. Took the night off from the project.

Day 3:
Went to my favourite art supply store and picked up a few new pens and random supplies. My art store rule is:
-Buy something you actually need
-buy something in a colour you don’t already have
-buy something you’ve never tried before

So I bought a new pen to replace one that’s almost used up, a new colour of watercolour paint, and a calligraphy pen. I got a few different papers and some paintbrushes too.

Day 4:
Tried out the calligraphy pen. Not such a great first try. Think I need a different ink. My mom has one that I think will work so I’ll need to borrow it.

Day 5:
Redesigned a birth announcement for a friend of a friend. Hope they like it!

Day 6:
After the day I had, I think I need to invent a new drink. That’s where my creativity is bringing me today.
Maybe a Shirley temple with a vanilla vodka twist?

Day 7:
I didn’t “create” anything per say, but I did use my right brain to read a good book. Sorry, had to unwind and relax the past few days. Will get back at it soon!

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