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Project 365: creation journal week 8

This is week 8 of my personal challenge to create something new each day. The criteria is vague allowing me the freedom to choose from a huge variety of “create-able” things. Past weeks have included photography, baking, painting, drawing and random crafts.

I’ve discovered that re-creating existing pieces of art in either similar replicates, or by making them my own has given me a huge burst of inspiration. I’m learning the skills I need to be able to put my own ideas into action.

Today I’ve been working on peacocks. This one is similar to the one I did yesterday, but with more texture added to the face and wings. I used the same series of postcards from etsy as my guide.


Week 8: aye aye aye, I’ve forgotten to post all week! It’s been busy, but I haven’t been slacking off on the project. I’ve spent time every night addressing my Christmas cards. On Monday we put up the Christmas lights. We spent Friday night decorating our tree and setting up all our Christmas decorations.


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