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2014: week 2 of project 365

I waited for the end of the week to post for my project.

The first half of the week I spent doing arts and crafts with the kids, and drawing variations of recent drawings.

I saw a cool valentine card on that I decided to draw. It’s a mason jar full of eyeballs that says “I only have eyes for you.” Cute, right?

Also, I made another robot for my son’s room.

The second half of the week we spent designing, constructing, painting and decorating a project that we thought would be awesome for our daughters room. It’s a shelf with cubby holes for all her tiny treasures.

The link to the project is here, on a website called Young House Love. I found the link to the project on Pinterest (of course!)


Week 10: project 365

Getting back into drawing and painting this week.

Day 1: peacock


Day 2: another peacock


Day 3: bird


Day 4: painted this guy


Day 5: Ila’s rocks


Day 6: I had a request for a purple, pink and sparkly puppy face.


Day 7: the love tree


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