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Week 11: creativity project 365

This is week 11 of my personal challenge to create one new thing every day.

Day 1: went a little more cartoony today with my owls.


Days 2 & 3: made magnets


Day 4: reindeer with the kids


Day 5: sugar cookies


Days 6 & 7:
I’m doing all the gift wrapping and that’s filling my creativity quota right now.
I think I’m going to give myself a few days off to enjoy Christmas without worrying about the project. We’ll see…

Week 3 of right-brain project

Week 3 of my creation journal.
Keeping things versatile is keeping me strong. I like having such a broad range of creative activities I can count towards this project.

Day 1:
Spent the morning taking photos. Spent the afternoon editing them and a backlog of several more photo shoots as well that I was able to finish up.


Day 2: I admit, I missed a day. I’ll make it up before the week is up though 🙂

Day 3: drew something. It sucked. Guess I wasn’t feeling it.

Day 4: mini photo session


Day 5: fun with facepaint. Practicing a sugar skull for my friend who wants to dress up on Halloween. We did a run through just for kicks.


Day 6: editing photos

Day 7: saw an image on a YouTube video (proof: the photographers on photography) and decided to paint it.


Creation journal week 2

I’ve unofficially challenged myself to do one creative thing each day. The criteria is quite vague allowing the project to be versatile and encourage all forms of creativity. Last week was inundated with editing photos from a photography session last week. I did manage to sneak in a batch of cookies, paint a rock, draw and paint a card for my aunt, and take a few more photos for a friend of mine.

So here goes week 2!

Day 1:


Day 2:


Days 3 & 4: shared my joy of painting rocks with the kids:


Day 5:
Finally painted one myself:


Day 6: back to cards. For one of my favourite little girls!

Day 7: more editing:


Creation journal

Week one of my right-brain project. I’m trying to create at least one thing per day. The criteria is vague which helps me keep my motivation. All I must do is create something new. A photo, a sketch, a letter… Doesn’t matter what.

Day 1:

Day 2:


Days 3, 4 & 5:
Edit edit edit. Been spending my time in Lightroom. Craving that pen and ink, but it’s going to have to wait. I’ve got 900 photos to sort through, and probably about 60 to edit.


Day 6:


Day 7:


blog discovery: Wit & Whistle

Okay, let’s try a low-key blog post today, just to get those words flowing again…

I’ve discovered a cool website called Wit & Whistle ( I found it while scrolling through Pinterest for examples of my latest diversion: typography. I like to draw, I like to write… why not draw fancy words. Simple thing to play around with while watching TV, non?

So this website has links to a community on Pinterest that basically practices just that: hand lettering. Fun.

But while perusing this website, I’ve found so much more than that! It’s fantastic. The blog contains photography, recipes that look “to-die-for”, and sketches, illustration, design, art projects, paintings… you name it. It’s truly wonderful, and for the sake of my hobby interests I find it rather inspiring.

I found some sketches amongst the pages that I decided to play around with. I drew my own version of a few, and uploaded one I particularly like that I made into a card last week. So the design credit goes to Amanda Wright, from Wit & Whistle. I just made a few changes and added some words of my own.

That’s all, have a good day 🙂

Ps: if anyone tries out the recipe for the velvet cake balls coated in chocolate chips, or the s’mores, you’ve got to give me props for recommending the site and send some my way!

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