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90’s dance party dance off


Be prepared, this post requires your feedback 🙂

My friend mentioned to me the other day that she had a 90’s dance party with her daughter on the weekend. What a fun idea, I had to share it.
She opened the music videos from YouTube and away they went, and her 3 year old daughter loved it!
Dance parties are pretty popular in my house too, but I’ve never gotten carried away to the point of making a theme out of it!

So, I thought it would be a pretty rad idea to have a kids 90’s music dance party dance off. In the ‘hood. A whole block party themed around this cool idea. If we get our kids dressed up, make a few mixed cd’s, grab some prizes for dance moves and costumes… I think we’d have a pretty epic night! All while having the opportunity to teach our kids they have to “fight, for their right, to paaaaarty.” Oh wait… that one was in the 80’s wasn’t it? Meh, the kids wouldn’t know the difference.

While thinking of us, living in our “gangsta’s paradise,” try to come up with your own take on this one. Maybe you can work it into casual Friday at the office. Maybe you’re throwing a kegger on the weekend. I know these theme parties have been done before, but I’m saying, what are you waiting for? Join in!

So here’s what I need from YOU:
Leave me the names of the songs from the 90’s that define the decade for you. Even if you could think of one song that you would be a little excited about if you heard it on the radio right now.
Thanks for participating!