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How I made a ninja turtle pumpkin

Last year I wrote about our Halloween haunted house and included a photo of my ninja turtle pumpkin (see it here.) It seems to be getting a fair amount of hits, so I thought I would do one again this year and take a few photos along the way.

I used a cheap pumpkin carving kit, which you can find pretty much anywhere. Here are the tools that come with it:


First I used the little orange thing that had a handle and a little round part that looks like a gear but with spikes on it. I used that to “draw” my pattern onto the pumpkin.


Next, I chose which parts I would be cutting all the way through and cut them out. This included the left side of the mouth and the bottom and left part of the eye mask.


Now the tougher part. I used the smaller “saws” and the plastic end of the long orange tool. I cut halfway through the pumpkin for the most part, and then peeled the skin off and etched the texture of teeth and such. Remember to leave the skin on for the “eye holes” in the middle of the mask.


And there you have it. I may paint on eyes, and was debating painting the rest green. You can get extra creative and use either orange, red, blue or purple glow sticks to light it.



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